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Zigurat is an online school of higher education on engineering, architecture and technological innovation based in Barcelona. It focuses on practical learning through real life work projects, enhanced by collaborative international teamwork facilitated by its online platform.
Key concepts:
Architecture, engineering, technology, education, growth, collaboration.

Brand Identity
The concept is the combination of the ziggurat, a step pyramid, with the hexagon, a geometrical shape that provides a very solid structure to any construction and is able to replicate itself and grow more efficently than any other shape in nature. 

Blue is a calming color, its also the color of depth and usually associated with technology.

The idea was to create a logo that had strenght in itself but could also be modulated to create even stronger structures to reflect the power of growing through collaboration and teamwork.

Zigurat is an online school so both fonts  are web fonts provided by Google Fonts. Montserrat was chosen for its solid and modern geometrical style while Source Sans Pro was chosen for the longer texts because of its clear legibility and many weights/styles.

Web Design

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