Brand Identity

Gaia is an ecologic, handmade, artisanal print clothing line. Its style is a tribute to the native cultures of the american continent, looking for inspiration in nature’s many forms, textures and colors as well as spiritual and scientific knowledge related to nature. The name comes from the greek name for one of the first goddesses and the personification of Earth.
Key concepts:
Artisanal, handmade, ecologic, natural, native

Brand Identity
Thinking of handmade artisanal prints the image of the marbled prints came to mind, which is a technique that creates organic patterns impossible to repeat twice exactly the same. These patterns also resemble the way terrains are depicted in topographic maps, showing the shape of Earth itself (which themselves resemble the way clouds form in Jupiter and probably many other planets).

Handmade, artisanal, prints
Nature, organic, earth

Planet, currents, flow

The idea then became to make an organic logo that could change shape while retaining its graphic style to reflect how the brand may print one design many times but it never would be exactly the same twice due to its handmade method.

I chose a deep and rich green tone, which is the color of nature and life on Earth.

The fonts chosen were Minion and Futura, one a classic serif font family and the other a very modern geometric sans serif, to show that the brand is a modern thinking brand with classic values.