Film photography (35mm)

The Floralia was an ancient festival in honor of the goddess of plants, Flora. This is also a celebration of flowers and plants; their beautiful shapes, textures and colors dancing and mixing together to recreate the sacred essence of nature.

‘Take flowers’ she said, pointing at the blooms that filled the room. ‘Have you heard flowers talking?’ Greatly intrigued, I shook my head; the idea of flowers talking was quite new to me. ‘Well, I can assure you that they do talk,’ she said. ‘They hold long conversations with each other... at least I presume them to be conversations, for I don't understand what they're saying, naturally. When you’re as old as I am, you’ll probably be able to hear them as well; that is, if you retain an open mind about such matters.’ She glanced at me sharply. ‘D'you think I'm queer? Touched, eh? Talking about flowers holding conversations?’ Hastily and truthfully I denied this. I said that I thought it was more than likely that flowers conversed with each other. I pointed out that bats produced minute squeaks which I was able to hear, but which would be inaudible to an elderly person, since the sound was too high-pitched. ‘That’s it, that’s it!’ she exclaimed delightedly. ‘It’s a question of wave-length. I put it all down to this slowing-up process. Another thing that you don’t notice when you’re young is that flowers have personality. They are different from each other, just as people are. Look, I’ll show you.’