Alejandro Beltrán
is a visual artist and photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela where I studied visual communication & graphic design. Later I moved to Barcelona, where I currently reside, to study a Master’s Degree in photography. My strength lies in the combination and of these disciplines, creating a visual languague that balances the conceptual theory of design with a photographic eye to communicate what is in my mind.

My thought process is very influenced by literature, poetry and philosophy; as well as traveling alone to different parts of the world, trying to immerse myself in the cultures and lifestyles around the world.

Exhibitions & Shows

Art Bridge
Collective Show
Bridge 48
(Barcelona, Spain. 2020)

Collective Show
GBG Gallery
(Caracas, Venezuela. 2019)

Sony Photo Awards
Collective Show
Somerset House
(London, UK. 2016)

Ars Multum
Collective Show
La Terraza Gallery
(Caracas, Venezuela. 2014)